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The Many Benefits of LED headlights

The advantages of LED headlights are endless.These lights far outrank their halogen competitors, bestowing a host of life-altering benefits. Some people minimize the impact that a simple, lighting upgrade could have on one’s car. However, as you will soon learn, LED headlights are designed for efficiency, environmental friendliness, monetary benefits and much more. As you can see, LED lights can deliver much more than bright lighting. Their benefits also translate to the real world.

They Are Resistant to Breakage

LED headlights are far less susceptible to breakage than halogen bulbs. One of the reasons that they are so sturdy and durable is because they consist of an epoxy lens material. However, halogen bulbs comprise a very different lens construction. So, what does this mean for you? This means that if your headlights are ever jolted, vibrated, or moved with force or impact, you have a higher chance of impact resistance. However, competing bulb models are more susceptible to shattering. Whether you want to protect your headlights from vandalism, traffic related incidents or harsh weather conditions, LED light will meet your expectations.

LED Lights Ranks Higher on Safety

LED lights are actually much safer to use than halogen bulbs. Incandescent and halogen light bulbs can sometimes reach staggering temperatures. However, LED headlights, on average, are much cooler than your typical light bulb, and because of this, they have a much lower risk of combusting. The higher the lightbulb temperature is, the greater the likelihood of combustion.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of LED light bulbs is simply unmatched. With an energy efficiency model that spares 80%-90% of the energy, these light bulbs are simply unrivaled. For this reason, only 20% of all energy is expended and released as heat. Of course, a traditional headlight would expend 80% energy and heat, making it less energy efficient. Consider this scenario. Suppose you have an electric bill of $200. $160 of that would be used toward halogen light bulbs, while $40 would be used on LED lights. This is how much energy you can save by driving with LED headlights.

Long Lifespan

These LED lights also have the added advantage of long operational lifetimes. For example, LED light bulbs can work for 22 straight years if they work at only 50% capacity, and 11 years if they are used continually. Therefore, you can expect to use these headlights for years at a time without any outages or replacements.